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Best IB English Online Tutor In Dubai Reveals How To Teach English Online

best ib english online tutor in dubai

English is a complex language with unpredictable spellings, tricky grammar rules, and intricate concepts to grasp. However, the students struggling with the English language need an expert IB English Tutor to help them succeed in their exams. If you Hire The Best IB English Online Tutor in Dubai at Kaur Online English, you will get an opportunity to benefit from our highly qualified and experienced tutor who knows how to meet your unique learning needs. The problem that is faced by almost all the students is linking the curriculum syllabus with real-world concepts. With customized lesson plans and teaching styles, our tutor is highly skilled at explaining complex constructions and grammatical structures instinctively. By employing our IB English Online Tutor in Dubai you can get the best guidance on how to crack the IB exams by securing high grades. Kaur ensures to deliver one-on-one English teaching sessions that prove to be a sure shot to achieving success in IB English Exams.

In this blog, we will discuss how Best IB English Online Tutor in Dubai teaches English online by using the platform that supports effective teaching and learning process.

Introducing Our Tutor

Kaur is one of the skilled and Best IB English Online Tutor in Dubai, having extensive knowledge about the subject with years of teaching experience. Our tutor is proficient in all the IB English concepts and familiar with the curriculum and other courses like IGCSE, CIE, CBSE, and IB. Our tutor has helped students across the globe in acing their exams with good grades.

Online Tutoring Platform

With the evolution of modern technology teaching online has become a convenient and effective way to help students with their learning no matter where they reside. Our Best IB English Online Tutor in Dubai takes IB tuition sessions by using various platforms such as Google Meet, Google Hangout, Zoom, Prezi presentations, Personalized PowerPoint, and Skype. Our IB tutor suggests the students have a backup device with them in case the internet connections get disabled. However, Kaur is flexible when it comes to using such an online tutoring platform and uses the best one to make the teaching and learning process smooth and effective.

Softwares Used 

Our IB English Online Tutor in Dubai makes use of Microsoft OneNote for storing the data and utilize it as a whiteboard. The reason that more students are getting enrolled in IB English Online Courses at Kaur Online English is that our teaching system is streamlined, well-structured, and organized. Kaur ensures to meet the strenuous needs of learning IB English online by writing and teaching the rules and complex concepts online that students can copy in their notebooks and can use later when preparing for the exams. The software we use can work via any internet browser, which means that students can have access to their work anywhere and anytime they want.

There is a separate folder for each student inside the software we use, as it can be shared with parents and students. There are subfolders as well for individual lessons. Our tutor uploads the reading materials and all the notes here. All the lessons are saved so the students can access them whenever they need them. Our Best IB English Online Tutor in Dubai also saves the feedback and students’ notes to keep the parents updated regarding the progress of their children.

How Kaur Takes The Lesson

During the lesson deliverance, our IB English Online Tutor in Dubai takes lessons by sharing screes or via video calls on Skype so that students can make it in real-time. The medium of instruction that Kaur uses to teach is easy to use and all the lessons, notes, and tasks are uploaded there for the students. Once students get enrolled in our IB English Online Classes, they get access to all the preparation materials that help them in learning and getting ready for exams.

After The Online Tuition

Once the IB online tuition reaches its final point, our tutor uploads the assignments or tasks relevant to the subject. Kaur sets the deadline for the submission of these tasks and also shares the feedback from time to time so that the students and parents can track the progress easily. This feedbacks show the overall performance of the students that helps them in deciding what are weak areas that they need to focus on.

Flexibility in Adapting New Softwares

Our IB English Online Tutor in Dubai is quite flexible when it comes to adapting the available online teaching software. Kaur is a highly vetted and trained IB English Tutor and knows how to keep students engaged during the lesson. Our tutor knows that modern software is quite helpful in achieving the goal of teaching and learning online. Kaur is familiar with using Zoom for online tutoring. Our tutor makes sure that the internet connection is stable to avoid any interruption during the lesson delivery. The use of this software turns out to be productive for both the students and the tutor.

Kaur makes use of a hybrid approach of online tutoring by using various platforms. And found it extremely helpful for online tuition. As the use of different platforms helps students with different learning styles, some are visual learners, some prefer audiovisual learning styles while some are auditory. So our tutor keeps on changing the teaching style to support various learning styles.

Summing Up

However, its imperative for our Best IB English Online Tutor in Dubai to build a rapport with the learners and make them feel confident during their lessons. Kaur instills the ability to speak confidently and the skill of researching in the IB English learners. Our tutor ensures to make the online classroom a safe environment for the students. By incorporating different methods, techniques, and technology our tutor makes teaching and learning a strong and successful process for the learners. The main aim of our tutor is to develop strong concepts and make the students proficient in IB English that helps pave the way for future success.

best ib english online tutor in dubai
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