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CBSE Online English Classes in Dubai – Process Explained

cbse online english classes in dubai

CBSE Online English classes in Dubai are being offered to people who have decided to study English. This is because there are many job opportunities in Dubai for which people who know English well can easily avail of the openings. A person with an English degree can also do very well in his or her chosen profession and make a lot of money.

A candidate who wants to enroll in CBSE Online English classes in Dubai should first know how the process of registration works. All candidates who want to enroll in any of the CBSE Online English classes in Dubai need to fill up an application form. These applications are available on the websites of CBSE, in which all details about the course and the instructions on how to apply are given. The forms can be filled in online and submitted.


Registration is the next step after filling up the application form. All applicants need to submit their fingerprints to prove their identity. Applicants can check their status at any time by logging into the website of CBSE. Once all documents are submitted, candidates will receive an email with further instructions. Candidates can take the exam either during the week commencing from the 1st of April or from the 14th of April.

Computer-Based Test-Traced Examinations

The exam is conducted using computer-based test-traced examinations. Students will be given multiple-choice questions relating to the topics they have studied. The first round of questions concerns traditional grammar and reading comprehension. The second round of questions concerns discussing global issues and problems. Students may be asked to draw an illustration or interpret a passage. After answering the first round of questions, the participant can proceed to the third round, where he/she will be required to present his/her work in front of an instructor.

Virtual and Real Examinations

CBSE Online English classes in Dubai offer two kinds of exams for students: A virtual examination and a real examination. The virtual exam is conducted over the internet and can be downloaded by eligible students who register with the CBSE English learning website. Students can gain access to the syllabus, reading material, practice papers, and discussion boards for the virtual exam. In the real exam, students will be presented with question papers that contain authentic questions from global experts in English. CBSE will not send printable question papers but will send them later once they become available.


CBSE Online English classes in Dubai conduct a major revision year every year. Students will have the opportunity to take up new skills relating to writing, listening, speaking, and reading. During this period, students will have to attend class regularly. CBSE Online English classes in Dubai conducts an evaluation that comes after the end of each revision year. This evaluation will determine the performance of individual students and groups.

Conversational Level of English

All English subjects covered in these CBSE Online English classes in Dubai are taught using a conversational level of English. The students master writing and speaking skills and acquire knowledge about different cultures. Students can improve their English skills at their own pace through these online English classes. CBSE Online English classes in Dubai work in close collaboration with several colleges and universities so that they provide the best quality education possible.

Examination Test And Practice Papers

The examination test and practice papers are provided after every session. CBSE Online English classes in Dubai work in close association with some of the leading universities and colleges in the United Arab Emirates. Students who take the CBSE Online English classes in Dubai can thus acquire all the necessary skills for a successful career in a multinational company. This is one of the fastest-growing fields in the field of education in the United Arab Emirates.

Kaur Online English

Kaur Online English offers online English classes to students across the UAE. They have classes offered in different time zones. Students are provided with an online platform through which they can interact with experienced teachers and experts. These teachers are from different countries and possess different ESL skills. Interaction through these platforms enables students to share their views and get immediate feedback.

Improve Writing, Listening, and Communicational Skills

Language skills taught by these CBSE Online English classes in Dubai are primarily practical. Students are provided with a firm grasp of basic English and practice speaking and listening skills. CBSE Online English classes in Dubai also help students develop their written communication skills and improve their listening and speaking English skills. The examination board that is responsible for certification offers an Examination Practical test that covers all the topics taught by the curriculum.

Candidates who successfully pass the examination must be provided with an English course that is in tandem with the CBSE exams. CBSE Online English classes in Dubai are offered for those who have passed the CBSE exams and are already self-qualified to sit for the exams. CBSE conducts an entrance exam to determine the candidate’s eligibility and then assigns a certain number of English class hours, practice tests, and a practical exam. These exams are conducted online and students are expected to log in to the exam site to participate in the exams.

cbse online english classes in dubai
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