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What to Consider While Hiring a GCSE English Online Tutor?

GCSE is the certified qualification and stands for general certificate of secondary education. Students take this qualification after secondary school. The course of this qualification is for 2-3 years that started from year 9. However you have to take exam at the end of year 11. 

GCSE exam has variety of complicated lessons. So it becomes difficult for a student to deal with all lessons alone. Here a student need someone to help him and work for him. 

Year 11 is the best time for a student to take the GCSE exam, as English is the main subject of this test. So it is essential for students to hire a GCSE English online tutor. For this, they need to consider some things, which will be considered below. You can also connect with the best instructors of Kaur online English to start exam preparation with expert assistance!

What to Consider While Hiring a GCSE English Online Tutor?

As many students search for the query on internet “how do I find a good English tutor?”. Kaur Online English team of expert tutors and instructors guide them how can they connect with the professional English tutors in Dubai. Follow our previous guide to know more about it in detail.

However, when it comes to the GCSE exam, parents don’t want to take risks regarding the education of their children. So, they prefer to hire an expert GCSE teacher. So, if you are one of those parents, then be sure to consider these things:

Qualified tutors

Ensure that you hire a qualified and experienced GCSE tutor. Don’t hire an inexperienced tutor, and don’t play with the child’s preparation. Check if the tutor has much knowledge of the course. A qualified tutor is responsible and never wastes time. He has a personalized plan according to the child’s needs. 

Timetable and Routine

Ensure to check if the tutor has proper routine and timetable. This can help you decide which tutor you should hire for your child. It is better to address all the concerns of tutor and child. Also ensure to add breaks to the routine so your child will remain refresh. 

DBS Check

Be sure to check your DBS before you hire a GCSE tutor. This help you to know about the criminal history of the tutor. This step is crucial for the safety and learning of your child. 

Ask for Trial

It is better to ask for a trial before hiring the tutor. It let you know whether the tutor is the right option for your child or not. During the trial, you can assess the situation and the performance of child. Within few weeks, you can decide whether the tutor or child are going well or not. 

What are the Options Available for GCSE English Tuition in Dubai?

When you have to hire a GCSE tutor, there are several options. But you need to hire the right qualified tutor. At Kaur online English, you can hire a reliable tutor. Among different options, parents can choose the right one. However, they should also check the pros and cons of all tutors and tuitions. 

Commonly parents prefer tuition centres for child learning. They think that this can help students to increase communication and confidence. Obviously it is useful and help students to ask questions. However some parents prefer to hire a private GCSE english tutor online who can teach your children about everything regarding their GCSE exam.

A private tutor with much experince can help a student to pass GCSE exam. A private tutor is aware of the areas of weaknesses and strenghts of a child. So he prefer to customize a study plan as per student’s needs. May be it seem an expensive option. But if you want your student to become successful in the exam. Then you must consider this option. 


If you want that your child become successful in GCSE exam. Then you need to give him tools and skills. Here comes a skilled and experienced teacher. Ensure to hire a qualified teacher that may be the head of department. You may also hire a GCSE English online tutor who know GCSE syllabus very well. So your child may learn in the better way and improve different skills. 

You can also connect with the best online instructors at Kaur Online English Institute in UAE. They have qualified and experienced teachers who make sure to provide the best instruction to students and bring higher scores in the GCSE exam. So what are you waiting for? Connect with them now to make your exam preparation process easy!

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