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Learn the soul of the language

IB English tutoring at KaurOnline is more about the essence of language. Just like all the Best IB and IGCSE schools in Mumbai, we are offering you specialized and up-to-mark services. It is all about making it a real deal of time for you. Along with the technical knowledge, we let you develop a connection with language that helps you get more grip on it. We bring you English coaching and tuition by understanding the basics of IB courses and formation.

Why IB English coaching by Kaur online?

IB English course is one of the excellent and result-oriented courses that help understand English as a language and literature better. If you are looking for the Best IB and IGCSE schools in palm beach road Navi Mumbai, then Kaur Online is right there for you. Giving you exceptional tutoring and resources on the courses, we cover every essential aspect of the course. It is all about knowing the basics and advancing them to improve knowledge. Going advanced with your knowledge guarantees you success and more professional stability in your career.

Why English?

You may have heard about many Best IB and IGCSE schools in palm beach road Navi Mumbai specifically offering English language courses for IB. If you wonder why? Then there is the simple answer.

English is the language of communication around the globe. You cannot learn thousands of languages people speak all around the world. So, the appropriate way out you have is to learn one global language. It helps you to communicate with people from multiple lingual backgrounds.

Other than communication. Studying English from the Best IB and IGCSE schools in Mumbai helps you to know literature better. It connects you to the literature work available in the language guidelines about the basics, research, and progress. There is no doubt you can come across a massive literature in English that will help you be good at what you plan to do.

How are we teaching you?

Learning IB is a bit technical, and it requires some effort. Many people find it difficult, so they try to avoid it. However, overall it is not that difficult to get. You can have the best understanding of everything by looking into it with a technical approach.

At KaurOnline, we let you understand IB English with a different approach. It is more or less about knowing the techniques of the language and getting used to it. We will introduce a new perspective of language and literature at the same time.

Our tutoring is more conceptual than just learning. We make sure you go through each factor in detail to process information as per your ideology and absorb it for all good reasons. Being one of the Best IB and IGCSE schools in palm beach road Navi Mumbai we are letting you experience the best learning programs, tutoring, and resources. To make our tutoring a seamless experience for you, here are a few resources we use:

Pre-recorded lectures

More than the text, at Kaur Online English, we believe in the audiovisual medium for learning. It helps to enhance the learning outcomes and gives a better grip on the subject. It enables the students to understand concepts in detail and brings them to practice.

We are between the Best IB and IGCSE schools in palm beach road Navi Mumbai, letting you go through the recorded video lectures. These lectures contain examples, explanations, and much more. You can focus on learning better and performing better in the exams. The lectures are not just about teaching but practicing. You will get guidance about paper attempts and how to fill up the spaces in the exams.

Planned notes

Another thing that Best IB and IGCSE schools in Mumbai focus on is the notes. You need to have some reading material in your hand to help you sustain the process. However, you have ample time to create your notes through video lectures.

However, we have arranged a few for them for you. These planned notes help you learn things better and quickly. All you need is to go through these resources to find more about the course contents and much more. It is all planned to help you learn them better. Easy language, organized data, and sequence information make this one of the right notes for you.


At KaurOnlineenglish, we have developed EBooks to improve your IB English learning experience. Reading conventional books seems too formal, and you might not have time for that. By going paperless, we are letting you access the best books for the course in your hand anytime. Just get the book, and you can read it anywhere on your digital device.

The eBooks we are offering you, being one of the Best IB and IGCSE schools in Mumbai, are original and copyrighted. We have developed their outcomes, content and organized them to help you with ultimate learning. These helpful study books are easy to read and understand. You do not need any tutor to understand these books. We have included all helpful material and guidance to help you with everything.

Live support

Kaur Online English lets you clear out the fog from your brain. If you have any questions about the course, tuition, eBooks, and other material, we are right there for you. Our 24/7 live chat support is there to note down your complaints and respond immediately. We can connect you to the tutor for a brief explanation of the matter in a short period. It is like all-time access to the tutor in setup who provides you with the right resources and responses.

Enroll yourself today!

If you want to qualify for IB English from one of the Best IB and IGCSE schools in palm beach road Navi Mumbai, we are here. Kaur Online English is offering you to study smart and gain success. Do not hesitate to reach out with your questions or concerns. Enroll in our tutoring programs today.

You can buy our eBooks or request access to notes and other resources along with tutoring programs. We are happy to help you in any way we can.


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