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Planning to sit in IGCSE 2020? What’s your strategy to pass the exam and score higher? Don’t worry if you haven’t put your thoughts on this side of the journey. As a student, you usually have two options to select from i.e. to prepare well and pass the exam or to leave everything on luck and remain in between the uncertainty of passing or failing the paper. As the providers of IGCSE English Preparation Courses Dubai, we’ve compiled a short, yet useful, list of habits that you need to adopt early in the start of next session. Read on and discover how to pass IGCSE English exam!


Apart from answering the questions correctly, you have an advantage over other students that your correct understanding of instructions can get you 10 points. So, take this as a base and develop a habit of reading to ‘understand’ instead of going with the flow and paste what you’ve memorized from syllabus books. This exam is, after all, a way to express your brilliant thoughts to the examiner to prove your competence.


The reason for your lower marks could be connected with failure to develop a proper understanding of the kind of content you’re asked to produce. Before you start writing, you must read the question carefully to conclude if it’s a letter, a speech, an article or anything else and then visualize its appropriate structure. If you follow this approach, you’ll not only save your time but also use the correct words necessary for producing the content asked by the examiner. As a provider of IGCSE English preparation courses Dubai, we always recommend our students to pay attention to this aspect of each question.


Before we march to our 3rd tip, just read these sentences below:

Sentence 1: America is the largest producer of oil.

Sentence 2: America, with its new initiatives, has become a huge producer of oil among other oil-producing countries.

One of the reasons that students get lower marks in their IGCSE exams is lack of vocabulary that is the primary requirement to display a better understanding of the English language. As the providers of IGCSE English preparation courses Dubai, we recommend all our students not to just cram the adjectives, proverbs, and idioms but actually display their understanding of these essential components of English language to add more weight in their statements.


Ideally, you’ll get about 85 to 110 minutes to attempt the exam. Your next priority is to train yourself to complete all the answers in this timeframe. You can allocate 15-20 minute to each question depending on the length and complexity of the question. This way, you can easily allocate the ideal amount of time to each question. One of the skills that we teach in our IGCSE English preparation courses Dubai is the time management that is very important for a student that wishes to sit in IGCSE English exam.

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