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Boost your English Grades- Hire IB English Online Tutor in Dubai

ib english online tutor in dubai

Kaur online IB English tutor provides the students with successful opportunities to understand literature. We allow our students to gain an understanding of the techniques of literary criticism, the power of expression and speech in written communication, and the thorough analysis of the textual content. The students learn all the skills required for the IB English exam through the guidance and evaluation of our experienced IB English Online Tutor in Dubai.

Did you ever hear that it was difficult to get a 7 in IB English? Ever started wondering what kind of magic solution did those who got it followed? You came to the ideal spot. Continue to read the top 5 tricks to get a 7 in IB English.

1. Build a Solid Base. 

Getting a solid English base with decent vocabulary and grammar is the first step towards having a 7 in IB English. You’re searching for some fairly complicated content in both Literature and Lang Lit. And, if you’re concerned about thoroughly understanding Shakespeare, you ought to have some good English essential skills to reflect on. Hire the services of IB English Online Tutor in Dubai who will build a strong base in English when it comes to teaching you literature and language concepts.

Vocabulary and grammar are indeed an incredible thing called “Register.” Why care about the register? The register is, generally speaking, the formality of the writing style. This has its own criteria in all IB English tests, and getting a good understanding of formal English vocabulary and grammar will give you a really, really long road ahead to go.

2. Enhance your Vocabulary

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 This refers to both native and non-native English students. Book reading, magazines, and online blog posts are the perfect way to improve your vocabulary. Learning vocabulary by reading helps you to see words in the right context. When it’s time for you to utilize it in your essay, you should be sure that you’ll use it accurately! If you hire IB English Online Tutor in Dubai then you can get on with improving your vocabulary with the help and guidance of the Kaur online tutor.

Sticky Notes:

 When you read, hold a sticky note full of useful and effective words and phrases. Start using them as much as possible and they will soon be integrated into your vocabulary. Your list may contain phrases such as: “X sets this by …” and “builds the concept of …”

Use Vocabulary Books:

 If you’re a native English speaker and just need to expand your vocabulary, trying to cram vocabulary books is a certain that-fire way to boost your pool of advanced and powerful words. Kaur IB English Online Tutor in Dubai recommends the use of SAT vocabulary books, particularly the Direct Hits series.

2. Straighten Up your Grammar 

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 Native speakers never think directly of the rules of grammar to be used in this or that phrase. Grammar comes easily because native speakers have been so accustomed to the patterns of the English language. Reading avidly is the secret to second-nature grammatical accuracy.

Write More:

The more you read, the better you get at writing. But, you’re still going to have to spend a few hard hours to make use of and improve your newfound abilities. Employ IB English Online Tutor in Dubai who will get the students involves in reading and also provides writing assignments to enhance the vocabulary and improve the grammatical structures. Kaur’s Tutor makes the students practice the language as much as needed to make them proficient in it.

3. Learn How to Analyze – Smartly

If basic English skills are the bare-bone process for progress, the examination is the content. IB English is highly analytical-oriented. The stronger the analysis, the higher the score. Without a technical analysis, the best you can hope for is a 4 in SL (or a 3 in HL).

The IB-style analysis is a bit more complicated from most other curricula. You need to focus on literary techniques. This also means avoiding the restating of the plot at all costs.

If your instructor doesn’t seem to have a solid understanding of IB-style research, invest early in IB English Online Tutor in Dubai. It could save you down the track!

4. Your Style of Writing is Incredibly Significant

Smart Writing Is An Easy Piece Of Writing: 

The essays are intended to express ideas. The best essays, therefore, are those that are concisely written. A lot of students believe that the more complicated an essay is, the more advanced it is. Do not adhere to this fallacy! Clear writing is often the best thing to do, as it expresses ideas clearly. Kaur IB English Online Tutor in Dubai provides the students with handy tips and tricks of writing a concise yet impressive essay.

Take The Flowery Words Off:

Perhaps using highly fancy words will do more great harm to your essay. That’s not to say you should forget all the good words that the tutor told you to learn in Step 1. Instead, you should use advanced words properly and wisely. Don’t exaggerate them, and don’t use them in the wrong ways just for the sake of utilizing them.

Have a Rather Simple Structure: 

Using the PEEL (Point, Evidence, Elaboration, Link) framework for all of your paragraphs and ensure your argument always fits your arguments. One of the biggest mistakes is having complicated ideas, but neglecting the way you structure them — leading to markers identifying individual points, but totally lost as to how they endorse your overall argument. IB English Online Tutor in Dubai helps you with such techniques that you will be needing to ace the IB English exam.

5. Practice For The finals

Reading, like any kind of skill, can be improved. I promise you, with practice, a 7 in IB English is feasible to attain. Don’t be disturbed if your grades have always been the same and never improved, no matter what you do. It’s because you didn’t realize what the markers were looking for. Have someone show you what is required by the markers, then practice and practice until you do it. For this hiring IB English Online Tutor in Dubai is your safest bet as the tutor will feed you with all the tips, knowledge, and things that are important for your exam success.

ib english online tutor in dubai
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