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How Should You Choose Best IB and IGCSE Schools in Mumbai for Kids?

best IB and IGCSE schools in Mumbai

People who have returned to India after spending a big chunk of their life abroad prefer to go to international schools in India. This decision is ideally based on the factor that their children will likely be placed under a curriculum and discipline will be in practice for them. To discuss the best IB and IGCSE schools in Mumbai, we first need to understand what is the probability of finding one. About 40 IB schools exist in India. These schools covered the area of Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Chennai majorly. Coming up with a decision to choose the IB and IGCSE schools in NAVI Mumbai could be a hectic task.

We are standing at the time of year when people prefer to get their children in the best school possible. It is still a 6-7 month-long period for schools to officially start, but the chances to get your child in the best school are high. Suppose you start looking for one earlier. It does not matter if your child is in the first standard or lower than that. The decision is still vital. Hence, it is best to start looking for a school as soon as it seems feasible.

It is only when you are applying for an MBA that you require a pile of records. Parents, when going through the admission procedure of their children, also have to maintain a set of records. You will have thousands of forms to fill out and applications to write. There will be interviews aligned. You will be anxious as if you are awaiting your result. Parents find it to be the initial steps of their children’s lifelong journey.

Things to Consider While Choosing Best IB and IGCSE Schools in Mumbai:

Among the most difficult decisions a parent must make is deciding which academic institution in Mumbai is beneficial for children. There are so many options available in school these days that it’s normal for parents to be perplexed.

Choosing an international school is critical since it is the first step toward lifetime learning, excellent higher education, and a fulfilling career for the child. Because each kid is a unique combination of talents, interests, and requirements, the process of selecting the best IB and IGCSE schools in Mumbai should be as child-centered as possible.

There are expert suggestions that you must consider while choosing an international school for your child in Mumbai:

1.    Thorough Analysis of School Curriculum:

We have seen parents being confused and questioning the school’s curriculum standards. Suppose we use English as a language of instruction.

Enrolling in the best IB and IGCSE schools in Mumbai will enable a youngster to discover their inherent power and abilities. The youngster will be aware of their areas of interest and how to broaden them.

2.     Should Impart 21-Century Skills:

Finding out whether the school is devoted to imparting 21st-century skills is a good strategy to choose a suitable school. Parents must determine if the institutions follow the IB curriculum at all levels.

Keeping the child’s best interests in mind, it’s preferable if they stick to one board through their schooling. One of the basic reasons for selecting the IB board is to prepare students to be global citizens.

3.     Must Comprise of Students From Diverse Groups:

The school should be a place where pupils learn to appreciate other people’s cultures and to tolerate their beliefs. This is a platform where schools should provide the opportunity for students to grow both emotionally and academically.

The school should not have its entire focus shifted toward studies. It is their duty to shape the children to behave and be emotionally aware as it is a basic requirement to function in society. This should be channeled through their emotional awareness and intellectual capability.

4.     Curriculum:

When looking for the best IB and IGCSE schools in Mumbai, be sure to look at the curriculum. A good IB or IGCSE school will provide a flexible program that includes a primary years program from nursery to grade 5, a middle years program from grade 6 to grade 10, and a secondary years program from grade 11 to grade 12. From grade 11 until grade 12, an IB diploma program is offered.

5.     Faculty:

An excellent faculty member should be lively and talented, as well as capable of teaching the topic effectively. IBO seminars are held regularly to assist instructors in learning and adapting to the changing demands of the newly implemented curriculum.

6.     Infrastructure:

If you are paying high fees for a school, make sure that you are also getting a good infrastructure for your child. The school must have curricular activities for your child. Labs, audio-visual aids, sports fields, and music instruments must all be well equipped.

7.     Extracurricular Activities:

Students in international schools in Andheri West and the surrounding neighborhoods are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. This also aids pupils in developing their creative abilities.

Skills that are important for their personality grooming and other talents are among them. Indoor and outdoor games should be available in the IB and IGCSE schools in NAVI Mumbai.

8.     Schools Credentials:

We can see that the number of schools has been actively increasing. Every institution has its own criteria for fees. This has turned it into a successful business entity.

Parents have made it a fashion sense to get their students enrolled in an IGSE school. Nowadays staff of the school is not specifically required to hold a degree in the education field. It is a plus if you belong to the field.

Final Verdict:

The Kaur Online English team found that parents try to make the best out of their child’s life, so they invest in such costly plans. However, these emotionally driven plans are not significant, and mutual funds can turn out to be equally beneficial for the child. Mutual funds are also found to be cost-effective.

List down all your requirements, search out colleges and filter out the ones that meet your requirements for the best IB and IGCSE schools in Mumbai. Keep all the cards on the table while making a decision. Make sure the decision is not emotionally biased. You need to follow up your finances in check, and your child should be enjoying the coming years rather than worrying about the time and money that is being put into their education. The factors mentioned in the article will work best for you. IB and IGCSE schools in NAVI Mumbai are not difficult to locate. It is on your finances and feasibility to choose whatever suits you the best.

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