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Is ICSE Better than CBSE? Difference Between Two of Them

When it comes to selecting the board to which you want your child to take admission, then you have to face many challenges because the decision is much more difficult. This decision is more difficult if you have to admit your first child. You may take help from Kaur Online English.

The abbreviation of ICSE is Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, and CBSE is Central Board of Secondary Education. These two boards are more famous than any other boards for a child’s admission.

The boards allow students to avail themselves of the quality syllabus. The reason is that these boards care for students’ careers. Make sure to take ICSE English Online Coaching Classes in Dubai!

What is CBSE Board?

The full abbreviation of CBSE is Central Board of Secondary Education. This board covers both private and public schools.

Moreover, both these boards cover syllabus that encourages students to boost their capabilities. Not only this, the board mainly focuses on science and math.

What is ICSE Board?

The complete abbreviation of ICSE is the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. This board covers many topics compared to the CBSE board. That is why it is a more famous board all over Dubai.

Is ICSE Better than CBSE?

Now it is time to decide which board is the best match according to your child’s requirements. But first, take a look at some factors. These will help you to make an easy decision. You may take help from Kaur Online English:

1. ICSE vs. CBSE: Pedagogy

Is ICSE better than CBSE? ICSE board asks for many projects for the selection of 20% marks through valuation. This board allows students to cover the syllabus through deep learning.

While the CBSE board asks students to make a strong base, this way, students get prepared for the exam. The syllabus of this board is organized, which is why it is the best board.

2. ICSE vs. CBSE: Syllabus

The main focus of the CBSE exam is on science and math. But this board also focuses on art and humanities. The students upto class 10 commonly learn science subjects such as physics, biology, and chemistry. You may take help from Kaur Online English for the preparation of this board.

While the ICSE board allows students to learn a wide variety of languages, these include Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and English. Moreover, this board covers subjects such as home sciences, arts, cooking, and humanities. This board is the best option for students who want to take the scholarship.

3. ICSE vs. CBSE: Instruction of Medium

Is ICSE better than CBSE? CBSE board doesn’t ask students to become specialized in any specific language. In comparison, the ICSE board allows students to be specialized in the English language. So, it allows students to easily apply for TOEFL. Moreover, the focus of ICSE is on teaching literature and language skills. Make sure to take ICSE English Online Coaching Classes in Dubai.

4. ICSE vs. CBSE: Acceptance

ICSE is the best option to take admission to universities compared to CBSE. Though CBSE also allows students to participate in universities. But the weightage of ICSE is more. Therefore, ICSE is an ideal choice.

5. ICSE vs. CBSE: Ease of Transfer

Is ICSE better than CBSE? CBSE is the most famous board in all of Dubai. There are many schools and universities which are affiliated with this board. So it is easy for children to get admission to this board.


If you have passed the exam from CBSE. Then you may easily attempt entry exams such as IIT-JEE and NEET. Though the CBSE board focuses on theory and information. So, it becomes easier for students to approach entry exams.

Now, it is up to you to decide between two boards. Make sure to keep in mind the goals of your children. So you will easily find the right board for your child.


Though there are many fewer tutors for ICSE in Dubai, the reason is that there are not enough schools. That is why the only possible solution to find the right teacher for this board is to join Kaur Online English.

This platform has many experienced teachers for the ICSE board.When you find a teacher for CBSE, you may take help from the schools of the state!

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