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Let Kaur Online Help You For GCSE 9-1 English Exam Preparation Online

GCSE English Online Tutor in Dubai

GCSE online education helps the students to learn English in a better manner. It is concerned with the thematic context of the text and involves verse and style. GCSE comprises two papers 1 and 2. Paper 1 helps you to develop your own writing. You will read texts from the set anthology and develop your own writing. The writers get a chance to develop their own transactional writing. This paper comprises 60% of GCSE. You can do GCSE 9-1 English Exam Preparation Online from KaurOnlineEnglish. We have a set of reliable tutors who can help you to complete the task efficiently.

For paper 2, you will have to write an imaginative piece of writing. You will read five stories and texts from books and develop your own imaginative piece of writing. The paper 2 section comprises 40% of the writing. Your GCSE course is designed to prepare you for exams, and there is no reading or writing section left to complete.

How to Study for GCSE Examination

You can complete studying for the GCSE exam by reading texts from anthology and Excel textbooks. You can read a wide range of materials to complete your understanding and develop your skills. You will have the help of tutors who will carry out assessments to evaluate your progression in the test. The tutor will take tests from time to time to help you develop your testing ability. This way you will be able to complete GCSE online exam tests. The student will have a mock exam that will be graded by your teacher, and it will be read by the tutor. The tutor will do the grading of the exam, and now your preparation for both of the exams will be completed.

Our course will help you to understand the viewpoint of writers and develop their own understanding. Our course is developed by subject specialists who will able you to understand the writing of authors and then grow your own writing skills. This way the course prepares the student for further education. Our course is designed for students and makes their learning easier. The GCSE English online tutor in Dubai can help you master the different concepts and enhance your creative writing skills. Our tutors have years of experience in teaching at schools and understand the difficulties of students.

Our Mode Of Preparation

Our mode of examination classes is online. So, you do not have to worry to attend the class and traveling to work. You just need to be online through your portal. We will assist you in exam preparation. You can contact the tutor who will take online sessions and prepare you for the examination. We will have sessions at different times to help students clear their concepts, and enhance their reading and writing skills. The GCSE English online tutor in Dubai will help you prepare for the exams which occur once during the year in May or June. Our tutors are friendly and cooperative and fully understand the needs of students.

Some Benefits of GCSE 9-1 English Exam Preparation Online

The GCSE exam preparation from Kauronline helps you prepare from the comfort of your home. There are many benefits which you can have if you prepare for exams from our online tutors. These include:

Time Management

Our online examination system helps you to prepare for exams with the help of a GCSE English online tutor in Dubai. The exam allows the students to learn how to prepare for their exams and finish them in a limited amount of time. You can get to complete the exam in about 180 minutes. This helps to speed up your completion time.

Correct Yourself from Online Sources

You can learn at your own pace and complete the studies through online source materials provided from our online sources. These resources will help you to finish the tasks on time, and correct your mistakes. You can prepare for mock exams online, and then answer the questions by yourself. You can correct your mistakes through online resource material.

Prepare for Exam Patterns

The GCSE exams are prepared in such a way that you can answer the questions according to the exam patterns. This way you can be able to understand the examination patterns and answer them accordingly.  You can take as many mock exams as you like, and then prepare yourself for the online GCSE examination. The GCSE English Online Tutor in Dubai can help you in understanding the pattern of the exam and prepare for it fully.

So, contact us now at our website to get more information about the exam and prepare with the help of our qualified tutor.

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