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Complete preparation for STANAG 6001 in view of the LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY ASSESSMENT covering all the four components- READING, WRITING, LISTENING AND SPEAKING
to meet the expected criteria.

www.kauronlineenglish.com offers expert guidance for STANAG 6001 ENGLISH PROFICIENCY ASSESSMENT  EXAMINATION  AND PREPARATION ONLINE

The examination is divided into 4 different components; Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking.

 1) Crash Course:

This is an intensive course consisting of 2 hour online-classes per day for 10 days (2hr x 10days). 

  • This ONLINE COURSE comprises efficient teaching of all key concepts necessary to obtain the required proficiency level. 

2) Regular Course:

This ONLINE COURSE consists of 2 hour online-classes per day for 20 days (2hr x 20days). 

  • In this course there will be more thorough teaching on all concepts likely to come in the exam. There will also be additional reading material for exam revision. 
  • More focused exam preparation with increased one-on-one teaching. 
  • Exam-style question revision ahead of final exam.