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Anika Aziz
10th February 2024

I received my IELTS score yesterday and am delighted to say that I was awarded Band 9. First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to my parents and Mrs. Kaur for their unwavering belief in me and their continuous encouragement to strive for excellence. Mrs Kaur, in particular, demonstrated immense patience and understanding, providing me with extensive practice and equipping me with the necessary strategies to tackle the exam. Her kindness and patience were truly remarkable. She generously allocated extra time for me and made accommodations whenever possible. This journey has been incredibly enriching and filled with valuable learning experiences. I am sincerely thankful to Mrs. Kaur, who is undoubtedly the finest teacher one can find for IELTS.


A LEVELS student, Dubai
03 Feb, 2024

In October 2023, I had the pleasure of taking LNAT tutor classes at KAUR ONLINE EDUCATION. Both of my tutors were incredibly organised, efficient, and, most importantly, very supportive. I had ten classes in which I did practice papers for the multiple choice section of the exam and received consistent feedback from my tutor to help me understand the style of questioning in the exam. I also completed many practice essays for the essay section, which were marked. I was provided with many model essays and explanations of the essay structure, which allowed me to strengthen my writing skills and prepare for the type of questions I would receive on the test. Without these resources, I would have been unable to grasp the complex nature of this entrance exam, which is unique in its questioning. I could complete my LNAT exam with no difficulties after around 10 classes. Although I have not received my results yet, I have received an interview at Cambridge University due to this incredible team. Undoubtedly, I have achieved a successful outcome in my exam. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking for extra support in any entrance exams or even in school subjects, as this has been an exceptional experience.


17 September, 2023

I am an IB student based in Dubai. I would like to begin by stating that Mrs Pushpinder possesses an unparalleled passion and knowledge for English Language and Literature that is nothing short of contagious. Her ability to make complex literary concepts accessible and engaging is truly remarkable. She has a gift for fostering critical thinking and analytical skills, which are paramount in the IB program.

What sets her apart is her unwavering dedication to each student's individual progress. She creates a supportive and inclusive learning environment where every student feels valued and encouraged. Her feedback is constructive and always aimed at helping students reach their fullest potential.

Furthermore, Mrs Pushpinder goes above and beyond by providing additional resources, hosting review sessions, and being readily available for one-on-one guidance. Her commitment to her students is unparalleled. This is the reason that I got a 7/7 in MYP English and I am currently a 6 in IB English SL.


School Topper
Atlanta Coelho
WIN student since 2010

I am thrilled to share my outstanding results. Achieving this milestone wouldn't have been possible without the unwavering support of my family and my teachers. Their guidance, and tireless efforts have shaped my academic journey. I thank my school for nurturing my potential. I look forward to continuing this path of excellence with the continued support of the school and my teachers.



It has been a great honour and privilege to have Atlanta Coelho on board with us at Kaur Online English for guidance in English Literature. We felicitate her performance for scoring an A*, obtaining a topping score in the subject. Without any reservations, I would like to say that Atlanta is an exceptional student, endowed with the brilliant skill required to effectively analyse all literary texts. Combined with her dedicated approach, resilience and sensitive critical appreciation, she has the makings of a brilliant writer and Critic. Atlanta is a genius. We wish her great innings all her life!


Hong Kong IGCSE Student - Kunal Shah

As a student in Hong Kong, Ma'am has helped me think out of the box in a manner that makes me stand out in front of other students so that I can be the best version of myself. Her guidance right from the basics up to the very small details has helped me to perfect each and every response I have written to date. Ma'am cares for each and every student and makes sure they achieve perfection under her guidance, whether it be for any coursework or exams. Her teaching methods have made me excel faster than all students in terms of my writing and speaking skills. She can teach almost everything in the syllabus such as non-fiction/fiction texts, prose, poetry and even analysis of movies! With the help of Ma'am, I was able to get an A* for language and an A for literature. My confidence in English has skyrocketed after receiving her guidance and she provides the best resources available, all of which are her own work. I cannot thank Ma'am enough for her support and guidance! The best part was that I obtained the benefit of excellent Online Sessions, sitting long distance and the least that I can say is that the Online Classes at Kaur Online Education and Kaur Online English are exceptional and most highly recommended.


Afsheen Nishad

I used Kaur online education for UCAT prep and for IB math lessons. The instructors were great and helped my progress. Ms Pushpinder also immensely guided me in writing my extended essay, which helped me improve my grade.



Mrs. Kaur is one of the best English teachers that I have had. Even though I signed up for english literature classes just 8 months before my exam, she has significantly improved my analytical and essay writing skills. She always encouraged me to voice my doubts and was extremely supportive throughout. Her online platform is fantastic with great resources that ultimately, helped me to obtain a A* in my English Language and Literature IGCSE Board Examination, 2022.


AQA Student, London
Mar 13, 2022

Kaur online tutoring is one of the best tutor websites I have experienced. I signed up for English tuition with the teacher during December where I was doing AQA for English. She has helped me since then in English with things like building my structure and answering questions that would normally tend to come in the GCSE exams. As of now, I have progressed from being an AQA Level 6 student back in December to a Level 9 student in English in March. I would definitely recommend this tutoring site for anyone that is finding any difficulties in their subjects and need extra help. The tutors are extremely phenomenal and have the ambition to make their students do well so they can achieve their desires and goals.



IELTS Result.

Hi Ma'am, I am very happy in sharing the result with you. Below is my score:
Overall: 8
Listening: 9
Reading: 7.5
Writing: 7.5
Speaking: 8
This was possible only with your coaching and guidance. Once again thanks a lot to you.


Anuradha Agarwal
Sep 23, 2021

Through this message, I would like to thank Ma'am Pushpinder Kaur for guiding my son Srijan Agarwal, who is currently in the year 10 IB curriculum. She is highly experienced and holds strong command of her subject. Above all, she knows how to set up the frequency with growing kids and keep them on their path. She is so punctual and disciplined. Within ten classes, not only I could find my son so improved, but also he is being appreciated by his school teachers for quality work and a high level of improvement. My sincere thanks to her.


Aryan Syam
Aug 24, 2021

Hello Miss
I got an A for English


Aug 24, 2021

Miss thank you for your guidance and support throughout this year I got A* in English


Mohit Rathi
Aug 24, 2021

Hello Mam
Got all A*


Aug 24, 2021

Hi Miss!
My results came out today, I got an A* in English literature, thank you for the help and support!


Aug 20, 2021

Dear Ms. Pushpinder, I have just received my IB results. You will definitely be happy to hear that I achieved a grade 6 in English. The highest possible grade is a 7. Without your help I would have not been able to achieve this. Thank you so much. :)

Mohit Rathi
Aug 13, 2021

I started with Pushpinder mam about 1 year ago and I have seen some drastic improvements in my writing and analytical methods and reasonings. I was studying for my IGCSE First Language English qualification and the way we learned was extremely fun and empowering. I gained a lot of confidence in my analytical and comprehension abilities and gained eye-opening insight on how to improve my writer's craft. We studied by analyzing the spectacular extracts from best-selling books and understanding the thought process of the writers when they wrote their wonderful books. This was extremely helpful. This was the reason I was able to sculpture a proper writing style that suited me and thus secure an A*. As Bred Henry once said: "A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning", Mam has done the exact thing and ignited an evergrowing fire of curiosity and passion for learning. Thank You Mam, forever grateful!

A Note from the tutor:

It is a matter of great pleasure to be a part of this moment of great achievement obtained by Mohit Rathi as he ensembled the courage to take all his IGCSE exams while he was still in Grade 10! He took the courage to appear privately through the British Council, Dubai and secured A*s in all 8 subjects undertaken by him! This is a highly commendable achievement indeed! I wish him evermore success in all his future endeavours.

Students like him are the torchbearers of our future and our Leaders for tomorrow. He sets an example for all other students for the true meaning of initiative, determination, commitment, hard work and time management. Heartiest congratulations to the parents as he has brought the greatest happiness to them. This achievement means manifold more as it has been the outcome of the period of trial, the pandemic! It proves that nothing is indeed impossible...no barrier can withold true passion!
We are all proud of you Mohit! Bravo! God bless you now and always.

Shermila Perera
July 24, 2021

Hi Ms Pushpinder first of all we would like to give a thanks for such a dedication you have for children. We have noticed how our kids have developed their language skills within a very short period of time in every aspect of English skills. You have polished them in self speaking, writing, reading and much more in general interactions which we believe is the import part of learning. We strongly believe that your passion towards teaching has made an immense difference to our kids, and we are blessed to meet someone like You. Thank you once again. 🙏

April 22, 2021

Amazing teacher and a glorious website. Initially took the course with the tutor for IGCSE first language English and have finished a ton of work in a limited time. Got access to countless sample answers and variety of different type of writings so i could achieve perfection.

Mar 30, 2020

I have been doing classes for over a year now and I have really been enjoying these online classes because it has been a fun and new way to enhance my learning and I have really improved in my English and these online classes have been very helpful to me.

Hernake aanand
Mar 28, 2020

Miss is one of the best teachers you can get sitting at home and she will provide you with anything you need help or support in.

Grzegorz Baczek
Mar 18, 2020

Very professional and friendly!!! I highly recommend kauronlineenglish to all who want much more than just average in their Grades!!! :) Thank you.

Robert Jacyszyn
Jan 9, 2020

My name is Robert I[m Polish-British Paramedic. Mrs Kaur is the best person who can prepare me, and other Paramedic for STANAG exams via her professional platform. Don't wait guys, just call and pass! really thank you for everything.

Robert Jacyszyn Paramedic in The UK
Dec 15, 2019

The best teacher I've had in a long time. Professional preparation of an online platform, great knowledge of English. Thanks to Mrs. Kaur, I have made great spelling progress, which will be useful at work. A very patient teacher. Thank you for everything. Robert

Aug 28, 2019

This website provides various English Text Analysis samples, which would help me extensively in the Boards.The book samples provide the readers with a chance of getting very good marks for their Boards. The site is great and the online tuitions are also wonderful. It helps ace our English exams.The tutor Miss Pushpinder is a very good tutor; Miss provides us with all the English supplies and train us for our Boards. The tutor's teaching techniques are mind-blowing and help me get good marks. I feel I have improved tremendously and am hoping for a top grade. Thank you... this website is wonderful!.

Simon Pohatu
Jun 11, 2019

Kaur Online English has been the saviour for Anodyne Services Australia. Previously we funded the travel and accommodation for an invigilator to personally assess candidates on STANAG 6001 English proficiency levels. Now the entire assessment is completed online - convenient and cost effective. Additionally, for candidates that lack confidence, KOE can provide language lessons to ensure a pleasing result. Thank you KOE. ASA Projects Manager

Evangeline Jane
Apr 21, 2019

www.kauronlineenglish.com is a very student friendly website created by a highly experienced English teacher. This website shares extremely useful resource material for GCSE students and the regular uploads are very helpful for examination preparation.

Evangeline Jane
Apr 17, 2019

Mrs. Pushpinder Kaur is an excellent teacher who understands the students ability and teaches them accordingly. Her work is very beneficial and supports the students. She creates different ways to make the student understand the concept. Mrs. Pushpinder is very dedicated and a loving teacher.

Maria D Souza
Mar 12, 2019

As a parent who has phobia for English and one would dread to see her child going through the same, I am glad, we found an excellent teacher- Mrs Kaur. She always encourages her students to feel and do better. She is always helpful, treats her students with respect, love and affection. Her great knowledge of the subject is a great platform for learning.I can see my son eagerly awaiting for her sessions.Thank you Ma'am.

Lukasz Greczek
Jan 2, 2019

I would like to share my opinion about the STANAG 6001 examination undertaken by me at www.kauronlineenglish.com
Contact with the lecturer was easy, everything was via email and FreeConference.com. I received all the necessary information and instructions for the test earlier, the lecturer offered an additional meeting by FreeConference.com before the exam to discuss the test rules and to resolve any doubts.
Contact with Mrs. Pushpinder itself took place in a nice and pleasant atmosphere, you can see that she made every effort to make the exam less stressful. It is worth taking note that the lecturer tried to make sure that everything on the exam is understandable to the examinee.
The test itself was demanding and adequate to the required level.
Summing up the test guided by Mrs. Pushpinder can be rated very good, in my opinion she is a high-class professional.

Hamzah Sheikh
Feb 13, 2018

I really like this website. It is very engaging for students, parents, and teachers. I liked the wide variety of resources available on this website. I think that there should be more uploads of pdfs of good books. This will make reading meaningful books easier for students.

Adeel ehsan
Feb 13, 2018

Excellent vision and approach .really impressed by the work.May God give more success in future!

Dr Monica Talur
Feb 6, 2018

Very innovative and interesting website and loved the passionate approach towards literature and English language by Mrs Kaur....Kudos !!

Agam Jolly
Feb 6, 2018

Mrs. Pushpinder Kaur is an excellent teacher. I used her services to review my application to a summer programme. Her judgment skills are excellent and she did a great job at guiding me in the content to be included in the essay prompts. She is an experienced lady who has dealt with a fair number of applicants so all in all, I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with GCSEs, IB HL/SL English or for that matter, English in any sort of curriculum. Her students get a lot of learning experience from her.

Ricky Varvaro
Feb 6, 2018

Great website! I found all the material I needed and Mrs Kaur is an expert teacher. The service works perfectly. I’d suggest it to anyone!

Clara Dsouza
Feb 6, 2018

A very informative and educative website. The tutor has made it interesting for students to browse and gain more knowledge. Caters to the requirements of students at all levels.

Calvin Dsouza
Feb 6, 2018

It is very useful and helpful.

Merilyn Fernandes

Mrs Kaur is truly a dedicated teacher. We got to know of her at the tenth hour and she turned around my son Maconnells grades from B and C to As in a short span of time.
In todays commercial world. I can try say thst she is passionate about teaching... genuinely a good person who sincerely cares fr her students thsir grades as well as their personal development.
Was blessed to hv got to know her and strongly recommend her to students who wish to improve their grades and fr those who r weak in the subject.

Ophelia D'souza

Mrs Kaur is truly one of the best teachers I have known. She amazing turned my son’s grade from hardly pass to a A. She is passionate about teaching English and adapts different ways of teaching to suit the interest of the child. Her online tutoring has helped my son a lot. Even during leave he could continue his studies. She was always there whenever he had any doubts. Definitely would encourage online tutoring as it saves time and can be availed from the comfort of your home or during holidays.

My son Hansel can do all the writing tasks beautiful and well within time. This was only possible because of Pushpinder’s dedicated efforts and skillful teaching. She has transformed Hansel from just a paragraph writer to an essay writer and all well within the time limit. Hats off to the great teacher. Now he has great command on his vocabulary. Was truly blessed to have her as son’s English teacher. Thank you Pushpinder for everything you have done. Students will definitely gain a lot with her guidance and will get through with flying colors.

Hansel Moras

Pushpinder maam is truly one of the best, if not the best english teacher out there. To her its about the students not about the money. She has brought me from an F in english to literally the other end of the spectrum (i got an A in english and also very very close to an A*). She finds what you are good at and bends your style of writing to that. My english was like that of a 5th grader and now its actually worth an IGCSE board paper. I wasnt able to finish the paper writing very breifly but after her teaching I was able to not only finish the paper but also write in detailed points.