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The Best IB and IGCSE Schools in India for Shining Career of Your Child

IB and IGCSE schools in Navi Mumbai

Those days are gone when the parents had to select the school on the basis of the nearest distance. These days were easy and there was not so much competition in life. But now the parents select the school on the basis of the school structure, fees, teaching capability, fee structure, safety, exposure to international trips, additional activities, etc. The revolution in education has changed the way students used to learn before. 

The government schools offer native language study along with Hindi in their system of education. Mostly, secondary school certification is taught in these schools. These schools cater to the maximum number of students. So, the level of education is not so good in these schools.

The private schools offer a modern type of teaching and the type of study in these schools is excellent. These schools offer IB, IGCSE, SSC, ICSE, and CBSE types of education in these schools. Many schools have foreign instructors for teaching Indian girls and boys. Therefore, one should select an appropriate school for the education of their child according to their budget and preference of the type of education.

International Study Curriculum in India:

India has an international curriculum for the study of its students. The students get to study International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), International Baccalaureate (PYP-IB), and the Primary Years Program –the International Baccalaureate (IB) diplomas. 

The schools of consulate offer study in their languages like English, French or Canadian. Most schools offer a mix of IB and IGCSE education. You can get your child to study from the top IB and IGCSE schools in Navi Mumbai. The International Baccalaureate (IB) program prepares the students for study at the international level.  KaurOnlineEnglish trains the students instead of course covering. IGCSE has a course assessment plan. The International Baccalaureate Program offers a diploma program leading to graduation. IGCSE offers the groundwork for course assessment.

The IB is a strict Teaching Plan

IB education plan is run by the head. They have more responsibility. IGCSE has a tertiary education plan. The authorizations for IGCSE are done remotely. Edexcel and CIE evaluate the students remotely. In the IB education plan, educators plan and carry out the program. So, instructors have to follow the educational plan while teaching students. IGCE does not require a specific educational plan. There are 132 schools that follow IB educational plan while 310 schools teach Cambridge Advanced Educational Plan.

Choice of Subjects

There is a choice of subjects in the IB education plan. The students can choose from six subjects overall. The main subjects to choose from including Extended Service, Theory of Action, and Creativity Action Service. On the other hand, there are about 7o subjects to choose from in the IGCSE education plan.

The grades of undergraduates are based on assessments over the year. The understudies remain on their toes for the year due to internal duties. The evaluations are done during the course of study to keep the critical thinking and communication of students in check. IB education plan has no recommended readings. IGCSE on the other hand has both recommended and optional readings.

Cultivating the Language

IB helps the students to improve their language, intellectual thinking, and understanding. The students get a chance to prepare on a global level. The students get prepared for exams like SAT. CIE is also a globally acknowledged program. We have gathered the viewpoints of students, guardians, and strategy creators for an examination so that the students in India can better understand the difference between the different programs and choose the one that is appropriate for them. 

The IB diploma program is more expensive than the CIE program. The IB diploma program is not recognized as an appropriate program on a global level. Therefore, The study and education of students are devised carefully in IB educational plan. You can reach us for more information on IB and IGCSE schools in Navi Mumbai.

We hope you have got some idea of the best IB and IGCSE schools in India. You can search these schools in person, and find out which one suits best to your child’s needs. These schools are a few of the best IB and IGCSE schools in Navi Mumbai. 

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