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Are you planning to sit in IB English exam soon? You’ve got a few more months to prove your competency and become an IB graduate after passing the exam. But before that, you must plan for the IB English Examination Preparation Online and make most out of the available time. Don’t worry, here you’ll find plenty of tips to utilize the available time for preparing well and score higher in your IB English exam. Come, let’s discuss the key time management tips for IB English examination preparation online and make most out of your preparation time.


A sleepless mind is highly likely to skip the main concepts during the preparation. So, the first thing that you must do is to take a full 8 hours of sleep every day before reaching your study desk. When your mind gets enough relaxation time, it performs well and helps you memorize faster and you get to focus on the work. On the contrary, when you sleep for a few hours, you face difficulties during the IB English examination preparation online and this ultimately keeps behind the planned study schedule. In the 24 hours window, you must allocate a minimum of 8 hours for sleep in order to perform well during the study session and focus on the IB English examination preparation online.


While you still have time for IB English examination preparation online until May 2020, you must conclude your syllabus first. First, calculate the total chapters that you have to cover in order to pass the IB English exam. Second, you need to confirm how many chapters have you covered and how many are yet to be covered in order to complete your preparation. Suppose, there are about 15 chapters and you have 6 months until the exam date arrives. You must spare 1 month for revision and consider the total preparation time as 5 months or 20 weeks. Once you have a proper preparation track, you’re good to start the preparation.


While you complete each chapter, don’t forget to test your memory and conduct mock tests. The mock tests allow you to evaluate the quality of your preparation as you march forward with each chapter. And you can conclude if you’re doing well with your preparation plans or is there any chapter that needs more time before you start the next chapter. In other words, mock tests are a great way to evaluate your preparation and set a target for the finals. You can conduct a mock test after every chapter completion or take online tests to evaluate your IB English examination preparation online.


The most important time of your preparation is one month before the finals reach. If your exams are doing to be held in May, April is the revision month for your IB English examination preparation online. This is the time when you’ll start over and revise every chapter and see if you missed any details during the preparation.

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