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Build A Solid Academic Foundation During Lockdown with CBSE English Online Classes in Dubai

cbse english online classes in dubai

To say the least, we are living in odd times. A global pandemic is in full panic mode, and we are being asked to practice social distancing to help delay the COVID-19 virus spreading. As we all know that most governments around the globe announced the closure of private and state-aided educational institutions. The students who have struggled with distance learning, Kaur online English-an online tutoring platform- came to their rescue by offering CBSE English Online Classes in Dubai. To help students stay on track and attain a strong grip in English subject CBSE tutor at Kaur online English is going the extra mile and putting best efforts to make the success possible for CBSE students. As our student enrollment is rising owing to this outbreak, our online IB, IGCSE, AND CBSE tutor refused to be bogged down by the Covid-19 lockdown and working backbreaking hard to offer high-quality services to each and every student. Our online CBSE tutor draws on a wealth of learning resources and training for students from Cambridge CBSE, which is currently the world’s most renowned international qualification for 14 to 16-year-olds. It is touted to provide students more options than any other international qualification. This means students can choose from a huge repository of subject areas and have more ways to learn to succeed!

  • Frequent Trend of Hiring Unqualified CBSE School Tutors:

CBSE is a relatively new program. Its foundation can be traced back to 1990. The number of schools hiring unqualified CBSE tutors has also increased as more and more students are drawn towards this international program. And this trend seems likely to become more frequent, with school budgets being squeezed in the midst of the pandemic and governments around the globe not regulating the employment of untrained educators. This pattern is troubling for parents, who want the best for their children in today’s competitive times. Parents are flocking to find skilled CBSE English Online Classes In Dubai who will offer them the value of their money, particularly in a competitive market like Dubai. Kaur online English is offering its services not only for Dubai, but It is trying its best to serve the students globally who are locked down and cannot find a good tutor to help them cope with the study burden. You wouldn’t regret enrolling yourself in CBSE English Online Classes in Dubai at Kaur online English. Tutor at Kaur online English makes progressive plans and strategies to help the students learn effectively and score high grades in exams.

Kaur online English has been the one-stop choice for CBSE students who are looking for a solid understanding of basic concepts of English as most of the students find it hard to grasp the concepts by themselves. They need a proper guide or a mentor. A highly professional and qualified tutor is ready to serve and instill in you the knowledge and skills you require to build in. Here’s why online CBSE tutor from at Kaur online English is in demand:

  • Multi-tasking CBSE Online Tutoring:

Our CBSE English Online Classes In Dubai builds a highly specialized training program tailored to the specific needs of every student. We begin with addressing the basic problems and slowly make our way to engage with the nitty-gritty of language issues. Our online tutor at Kaur online English supports engaging virtual classrooms with excellent tools to enhance each child’s success by improving their problem-solving skills, innovative thinking, and critical inquiry. Our lessons also focus on applying knowledge to new and familiar situations, communicating in English, empirical approach, and cultural awareness in addition to these skills. Different tasks are designed by the tutor to facilitate the process of learning among the students who are at different levels of intelligence. Our instructor at Kaur online English ensures to maintain a local significance when teaching foreign subjects. It comes as no surprise that, thanks to external support, many of our students who had previously struggled with time management or ineffective study techniques scored A * and A at their final.

  • No Compromise on Tutor’s Background-check and Experience:

Verification of the tutor’s background and experience is overlooked by the students and parents. Our CBSE English tutor owns a certificate of teaching, a postgraduate degree (MA), and (M Phil) in English Language and Literature with 14 years of teaching experience. Our CBSE tutor takes training courses for syllabuses of the Cambridge CBSE on a regular basis. Tutor at Kaur Online English engage in a series of online and webinar activities to develop the knowledge and skills required to help learners as you excel, and for the sake of professional growth. Our online platform is not only offering CBSE English Online Classes in Dubai but also coaching the students of IB, IGCSE, CIE, GCE, ICSE, etc. facing problems with English as a language in their course. We encourage students to start early so they can reap the benefits out of their success. Online Tutor is available at any time for the student’s help.

  • Online Tutor at Kaur Conduct Mock CBSE Exam:

The approach of our online CBSE tutor to the mock exam preparations has been proven time and again to be effective. We believe that regular, effective, and primarily focused revision sessions should be drawn out and recognized.  We also understand the importance of ensuring the health of students during difficult times. We give our students flexible schedules to help relieve their stress. At any time of the day, they can reach us for a mock paper revision or clear their doubts. Our most experienced CBSE English tutor online suggest that students should prioritize the topics which they find difficult and challenging. No expensive equipment is needed for the transition to online teaching. At Kaur online English we use Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom as the primary method of communicating with our students and so far have not encountered any problems. Although it might sound overwhelming to parents to set up online classes, most CBSE students, being tech-savvy, are already quite used to learn information on the screen. For us, the trend of online teaching has proven to be a great success.

cbse english online classes in dubai
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